Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2017

Scott brought the meeting to order.

Scott read the meeting minutes from last meeting.-

*reminded members about the Blair Rec Fundraiser. 

*We are in the October 7th parade

*Hollidaysburg Parade October 28th 

Minute approved – accepted- Tony mentioned to accept as read

Treasure Report

· 16 new members 155.00 for deposit 55 donations

· 195.00 total deposited

· 716.81

· Owe Jim 113.00

· Tony accepted the treasure’s report Dave Crane 2nd the Treasures report

New Business

· Saturday Halloween parade in Altoona

Want to use Tony’s truck for parade

Dana- allowing us to use the Pantoon boat

3:00 pm Parade starts at 4pm

Donate candy for the children

· Fundraiser at Point of Fitness- 16 new members was a success

· Two people on facebook messaged that want to become members

· Fundraiser with Point of Fitness- want to help us raise money at the club. Help us raise funds to help with families at Christmas. 

· Jimmy the Can Man- would like to know if people would donate their cans for Jimmy.   Donate at Champion Roofing. If you tell Scott that you dropped them off he can tell the man -he can put something on facebook.

· Need member list updated- Asked if she can give email addresses to Jim. She said she would email both Scott and Jim a copy

· Putting another t-shirt order in

· Sunshine fund or a 50/50 for each members. The money can go towards the club

· Reminder about the Ryder McDermott fundraiser Oct 20th- Ryder McDermott (Heart Transplant) $100/2 adults and money raffle, basket raffles….

· Jim said Theresa and Bob should talk about benefit for Bryson Miller fundraiser at St.Patrick’s School. Fundraiser October 15th- $7 adults and $4 for children. Asked to put it on our website. Scott said yes they could do that. Questioned about basket or donation for club. Deena said she would put a basket together- could get certificates from Meadows. Tony mentioned to donate $50 visa card for the family. Jim motioned to accept and Deena 2nd for a $50 dollar check to the family in their name- Dustin Miller.  Scott asked if you want to donate anything to the basket. Get a hold of Deena or Scott to put the basket together.

· Karen- Asked of we have any benefits – doesn’t want to wait for the last minute.  Scott addressed what was said at the Executive Meeting on September 5th about the Benefit. She mentioned that St.Patrick’s would allow us to have the benefit there. April 14th at the Bavarian for the Woody’s event. Scott explained what the Bavarian will take care of for the benefit. So we won’t have to worry about the food. Scott is going to ask woman from the Bavarian if people can donate trays of food- cheese, veggie… Wants to get started November 2017 to start benefit 

· Tony said about a “nomination” for a benefit. Next meeting we will put together a form. December have something made up for this process and how we go about writing the check.

· Discussion of Steve’s idea about what to do at a benefit- Beer Mile, Booz Olympics… at St. Patrick’s August or September 2018

· Reminded about the Corn Hole event- Becky’s benefit  for the Humane Society

· Scott asked if people had any ideas and to bring it up- big or small events to do as a club

· Deena mentioned to pay off layaways for families or something from the Point of Fitness benefit. Wally Warmth or any other ideas???? 

· Scott introduced Becky and her husband Dave to tell about the June 2nd benefit – on our teaming up with the Humane Society- Paws in the Park. Becky mentioned that we still need contract with Mary Lou Watt. Becky mentioned Texas Road House to hand out flyers for the event in December. Scott said he has a sound guy penciled in for the event. Asked if we could

text CHPS to help with media for the Humane Society- which helps with free advertisement for the Humane Society.

· Becky brought up the Halloween parade- thanked everyone for helping with the Hollidaysburg parade on walking the dogs. Karen said we could accept donations to the Humane Society on our float.

· Scott- Zombie Halloween Parade- big event- 10 blocks which will then come back to the Heritage Plaza. Scott said about sticking around. Becky will be there helping with the kids’ events. Scott will share the information

Motion to adjourn by Jim- 2nd by Tony