Meeting Minutes

Railway Fins –6/11/18 – Heidelberg Country Club 


Meeting called to order by President Scott – 6:10 pm 

Members present donated $13 to the Sunshine Fund. New balance is $80 

Minutes from May meeting read, 2 corrections – typographical errors,  motion to approve with corrections by Jim, second by Karen, club approval 

Treasurer’s report from Deena, Woody’s event netted $ 5,504.13 to distribute.  To date, $100 check given to CPHS and $100 to Wyatt Landsbury foundation for the camp for kids. Motion to approve report by  Jim, second by Bill, club approval. 

Unfinished business –Confirmed 3/30/19 for Woody’s event at The Casino at Lakemont in the Grand Pavillion. Casino will sell food concessions to include cheeseburgers, fully cooked, as well as bar. No charges for clean up or room rental to club   

Scott reports that prices for the Margaritaville on Broadway are out of reach.  He has heard that show may be done running 

New Business-New Member present, Lori Letcher, welcome Lori! 

Scott has info about Alzheimer’s Walk at the Curve stadium 10/6/18.  Discussion about having a team and raising money.  More info to follow 

Saturday, 7/21/28, Tom Watt will be playing at Duncansville Community Days.  Scott attended the council meeting that discussed the event.  We will be setting up info table, business cards/flyers, tent, t-shirt & glass sales.   Setup at 3:30. Portion of our proceeds will go to the event. 

Jade from Altoona Curve  contacted Scott about fundraising opportunities.  Some group options; Scott will share 

Scott shared info about 9/15/18 PSU tailgate, Kent State game.  Positive discussion about getting a group together to attend. Scott will get info out to club. 

Saturday, 9/8/18, Freedom Fighters event to be held at Oriental Ballroom.  Club would be helping  to serve food and will set up informational table 

Point of Fitness-Duncansville talking with Scott about partnering for an event 

St Pat’s still looking for someone to run their Gun Raffle.  Jim will research. Possible dates 11/2 or 9/18.  Event hasn’t been held for a few years.  Positive discussion by members present. May be a great fit for our second event of the year. 

Dave resigned as Co VP. We need a third person as signatory on bank account.  Jim motion to approve, Deena second, club approval 

Tony resigned as Sargent-of-Arms .  No one in attendance volunteered to fill job.  Position now open, will publish in the newsletter. 

Discussion about possible 2019 cornhole tournament. Scott will research and report back to club 

Bill brought up idea of possible picnic or party, social event.  More discussion to follow 

Next meeting Monday, 7/9/18, at Heidelberg Country Club, downstairs  

Motion to adjourn by Jim, second by Bill, club approval to adjourn at 7:20 by Scott 


Respectfully submitted, 

Helen Sickle, Secretary