Meeting Minutes

Railway Fins –11/5/18-Bella Italia Restaurant

Meeting called to order by President Scott – 6:16 pm

Members present donated $6 to the Sunshine Fund. New balance is $126

Treasurer’s report – $636 in the Small Games of chance fund, $ 5,606.62 in checking.  Motion by Dave to approve & accept report, Karen second, club approval

Minutes from October meeting posted on website and previously reviewed, no corrections or changes, motion to approve by Jim, second by Bill, club approval

Shamrock Run Horse Race – 11/16 – More tickets were distributed.  Scott has some if anyone needs a supply.  Would like to sell 100 – sales slow and competing events that night presenting challenge.   We still need donation of chips & pretzels, no response from Benzel’s.  Jim will pick up the items donated by DelGrossos – will coordinate pickup time with Helen.

Scott to pickup items donated by Sam’s Club.  Desserts will be donated by Lisa Becker.  Scott & Karen working on donation for cans of soda.  Jim  following up with Roaring Spring Bottling about bottled water donation.  Helen will donate some wine for the bar (8 bottles). Jim will pick up some sweeter wine.  We will buy beer from Furrer bev. There will be wrist bands at the door/ID check.  Still looking for sponsors.

New Business-Discussion of donations to be given in November. The following agencies/groups were agreed upon:

Toys for Tots                                                   Christmas Carol                      Salvation Army

Turkeys for the Food Banks                            East End Little League

Motion by Jim to donate $500 to each group, total of $2,500.  Second by Bill, club approval

Motion  by Dave to donate $500 to Ryder McDermitt, second by Karen, club approval

Discussion of possible holiday party, thinking of January, location?– tabled decision until December

Discussion of entertainment/bands at Woody’s event.  Dave motion to change club by-laws to select beneficiary of Woody’s event proceeds before the event, Theresa second, club approval.

Everyone to be aware of families/individuals needful or opportunity for us to help with someone at this time of year and bring recommendations to the December meeting.

December meeting 12/4/18, Monday, at Bella Italia, private room in Lakemont

Motion to adjourn by Jim, second by Karen, to adjourn at 7:30 pm by Scott, club approval

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Sickle, Secretary