Meeting Minutes

Railway Fins –7/16/18 – Heidelberg Country Club

Meeting called to order by President Scott – 6:15 pm

Members present donated $9 to the Sunshine Fund. New balance is $89

Minutes from June meeting read by members present, motion to approve by Jim, second by Theresa, club approval

Treasurer’s report from Deena provided by Scott – $ 5,087 in account

Unfinished business –Any member who has glassware/drinking glasses they would like to donate to the St. Pat’s festival 8/12/18, contact Theresa Lewis.

Saturday, 7/21/18, Duncansville Community Days. Club will be selling mugs, wine glasses & t-shirts. Will also have membership info available. We will set up at 4 pm, probably be selling until 8. Scott has tent, table. We will be to the right of the stage. Scott, Deena, Dave, Becky, Helen will be available to help. Anyone available to help bring a bag chair.

Scott will follow up with fundraising options at the Altoona Curve

Jim brought up possibility again of a social event/membership event at Old Keg in Portage. He will explore options as members are interested.

PSU/Kent State football game will be $63/person if we have 25 people. Scott will follow up about tailgate, parking and food pricing

Still looking for someone to fill the club Sargent-at-Arms position. Duties include attending monthly meetings, monitoring of signing of book and memberships.

9/8/18 Oriental Ballroom fundrasiser for Freedom Fighters

New Business-11/2/18-Friday, St. Pat’s confirmed date. Decision to have horserace or gun raffle. Dave will get the template for the way they ran the event he was involved in & email to Scott. Will need approx. 10 members to help night of the event.   Jim reports that he told the school we would give 50% of proceeds to them, 50% to our club. Would be cash bar, profit to school. Motion to approve moving forward with the event by Theresa, second by Dave, club approval.

Interim report due by 7/31, Scott working on it.

Bill approached by Jaffa asking us to help with Ladies Night 11/3/18. Tom Watt, Buffett Man to be entertainment, Parrothead style event, casual atmosphere. We would help sell tix in advance – $20-$25 each which includes dinner, entertainment, cash bar. We can set up info table. Motion by Jim, second by Karen to agree to help, club approval.

Karen approached by Sweat for Vets with Jaffa for event 11/4. She will follow up with Jordan Settle and get details.




Scott approached by Easter for Eli project, father of Eli. They would like our help with program itself, delivery of baskets etc. Scott to follow up and get more details.

Discussion about taking a student shopping for school supplies.

Motion to adjourn by Jim, second by Bill, club approval to adjourn at 7:12 by Scott


Respectfully submitted,

Helen Sickle, Secretary