Meeting Minutes

Railway Fins –9/10/19-Heidelberg Country Club

6:50, CTO by President Scott

No financial report available

  1. Discussion of Night at the Races for 11/9/19 to be held at Heidelberg.  Menu will be $15 inclusive – cash bar, no fee for rental. We will need 5 volunteers and 1 floater. Doors open at 5:30, 6:15 meal, 7 races.  Scott talked to Dave about helping to run the races. Dave Boland will help with AV.  Ticket price to be determined.
  2. December-Random Acts of Kindness day- considering 12/8, discussion about crowds and running much the same as last year. Scott will do FB live again.  Considering Christmas Cards to be given along with the $20.  Mention of a smaller similar event in January
  3. Discussion of Woody’s event, possibly at Bavarian. Will compare fees charged to us at our last event held there.  No rental fee, possibly $400 bar/cleanup charge.  Looking at 4/4/20 – Scott will contact John Manion at Bavarian. They will need to agree to promote tickets with signage.  Would like food concessions to be hamburger sliders, nachos, French fries, popcorn, nachos, dessert station (donated) and cheese/veg platters.   1 Band (Shallow 9) 9-12, doors open at 6 with DJ. We have inventory to sell – cups, wristbands, t-shirts, some glassware.  Discussion of beneficiary – maybe Easter for Eli.  Maybe Keystone Pinups to help depending on beneficiary.   Also discussed possibility of games such as limbo, hula hoop….definitely want rip tickets & baskets

Adjourn 8:22 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Sickle, Secretary

BAVARIAN ONLY OPEN ON 3/21, Saturday – 9/12-text from Scott