Meeting Minutes

Railway Fins –2/11/19-Heidelberg Country Club

Meeting called to order by President Scott – 6:11 pm

Treasurer’s report –none available at this time

Minutes from January meeting posted on website and previously reviewed,  no corrections or changes, motion to approve by Bill, second by Karen, club approval.

Old business –CPHS Chili/Wing fest at Bavarian 1/6/19, large crowd & very crowded room. Evaluate participation before next year, possibly just make donation to Central PA Humane Society.

Post Christmas phlocking at Jethro’s – good time was had by all

No comments received about the proposed by law changes published in minutes from January.  Bill will post info on website

New Business-Info from Jim, relative of ex wife,  has illness, requested financial assistance from the club, $800.  We have many requests for assistance and evaluate for fundraisers, not specific amount requested. Scott to forward contact info to Helen. She will call and inform that our donations for this year have been earmarked already.

Woody’s event – Scott to renew our Small Games of Chance license, $125 fee.  Helen motion to accept, Theresa second, club approval. Scott has posters, sponsor letters and silent auction donation letters for distribution.  Keystone Pinup gals will assist at event.  Tickets to be sold at Furrer Bev, Casino, Nik’s sub shop and Scott & Deena have some for sale.  Tickets will be $15 in advance, $20 at door.  Helen to contact Hampton to see about block room rate and donating room for silent auction.    We will sell 5 sponsorships at $100 each – Scott working on this.  DJ Davey  B will provide photo booth; we’ll charge $1 per picture.  We have some props to use.   Scott working with Forever Broadcasting to go on circuit.  Will also talk to Rob Z.  Scott or Helen to talk to Altoona Mirror.  KC Kantz may be able to assist with Central Pa Live spot.   Casino will sell Margarita & Land shark at bar.  Will also have concessions to include cheeseburgers.   We have some mugs and t-shirts to be sold.  Maximum is 500 guests at Casino.

Helen will hold dual office of secretary/VP for next 6 months until new VP elected.  Motion by Karen to accept, second by Bill, club approval.

Discussion of rubber bracelets being purchased & sold. Do we want event t-shirts again?

Margarita Day is 2/22 – Scott working on happy hour event at La Fiesta- possibly Steve Summerhill entertaining

March meeting 3/4/19 at  Heidleburg club, 6 pm

Motion to adjourn by Bill,  second by Karen, to adjourn at 7:09 pm,  club approval

Respectfully submitted,

Helen Sickle, Secretary